Awards / onderscheidingen


Frank R. Smith Outstanding Journal Article Award granted by the STC for the best article in Technical Communication in 2004 [Hall, M., De Jong, M., & Steehouder, M (2004). Cultural differences and usability evaluation: Individualistic and collectivistic participants compared. Technical Communication 51 (4), 489-503.]


Ronald S. Blicq Award for Distinguished Contributions to Technical Communication Education, granted by the IEEE Professional Communication Society


Erelidmaatschap van de Studiekring voor Technische Informatie en Communicatie (STIC).


Honorary Distinguished Service Award van de Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication “in recognition of his many substantial contributions to program development in technical communication in the Netherlands, in Europe, and throughout the world.”


Benoeming tot officier in de Orde van Oranje-Nassau.